Large aerodrome

444 000 €
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    33 000 m²

Located 150 kms east of Paris, this superb aerodrome includes two 揊risomat?brand hangars, a clubhouse and a car park with the material needed for its upkeep.

The property is made up of the following:

- 1 揊risomat?brand hangar measuring 500 m²(20m wide and 25m long) with a door (15m opening); asphalt pavement; inside lighting + automatic lighting outside; security alarm.

- 1 揊risomat?brand hangar measuring 525 m²(15m wide and 35m long) with a door at each end (12m opening); asphalt pavement; inside lighting and automatic lighting outside; security alarm.

All the fire extinguishers were changed in the beginning of July 2014.

- A clubhouse measuring 70 m²with large plate glass windows; a water-closet; an office; a bar area; a lounge; telephone line; security alarm. There抯 an individual electricity meter which supplies the clubhouse and hangars; the water meter, drainage system and telephone line are individual.

The clubhouse can be made bigger or converted into a residence.

- A runway 600m long and 23m wide which is an approved private aerodrome; therefore, the statute will need to be renewed by the next owner (condition precedent in the sales contract).

- An approved microlight runway measuring 150m x 20m.

- A large car park for the public.

- A steamroller and an 揑seki?brand mower are sold with the property.

Possibility of having your own professional business: microlight school, training, sales and why not a training centre for drone pilots.

Possibility of parking about 10 small aircrafts per hangar.

The rent is currently 119 euros a month (all charges included) for a fixed-wing and 101 euros a month for a powered hang-glider or a flexible-wing.

On average, there are about 15 aircrafts based here.

The grounds measure 3.3 hectares; 2 hours from Paris; 30 minutes from Chartres and 5 minutes from shops and businesses.

  • 双层玻璃
  • 走廊
  • 栅栏
  • 最近的大城市(50公里之内)
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